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We’re Add Salt Add Pepper, a community portal that’s here to be the seasoning to the dish that is your life. Feeding you with what to eat, what to do and what’s happening at the exact moment on our little island — so you can finally answer the classic complaint “There’s nothing to do in Singapore!” anytime, anywhere.

Our team works closely to connect Singaporeans with local businesses, creating a community to share genuine experiences, reviews or even plan gatherings with family and friends! As a contributor, you’ll earn experience to exchange for exclusive goodies like discounts or special packages with our merchants. You’ll also get personalised recommendations based on the places you’ve reviewed, so everything is catered to your taste.

So whether you’re visiting us for something to excite you in the spur of the moment, or if you’re looking for some inspiration for future plans — we’re here to make sure you have options to Flavour Your Daily Life.
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Our Mission
Empowering individuals in Singapore to discover, book and experience the best things to eat, do and buy anywhere, anytime in a swift (ASAP).

We are here to prove Singapore ain’t a boring place to be, and it should be a place with all play & no hassle. With so many activities waiting to be discovered, our goal is to connect consumers with the experiences they want & need.
Our Vision
Add Salt Add Pepper (ASAP) strives to be Singapore and South East Asia’s leading online marketplace & entertainment platform. We strive to bring together diverse buyers & sellers with the aim to add flavours to life anywhere, anytime.
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Our Value

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We’ve created a community-driven network where anyone can smartly discover, share and enjoy honest reviews, best recommendations & deals.
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A platform where you can carry out daily activities such as making reservations, placing delivery orders, booking an event ticket, purchasing a retail item, viewing specially curated, user-generated or trending content. Any time, anywhere!
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We create high-quality hyperlocal content for you on what to eat, do & buy in Singapore. Incorporating entertainment with gamification, we add spices to your daily life with our omnichannel games to get you moving around our sunny island and get rewarded!
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We provide an omnichannel loyalty program that connects you with all our merchants, earning rewards for mini wins across all touchpoints seamlessly!
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List With Us
We help advertise your brand on your behalf, attaining islandwide outreach and engagement through bridging businesses and consumers by building strong-knitted communities for better-than-ever customer loyalty, marketing efficiency and brand authenticity.
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We are committed to deliver the latest & best of everything to our audiences fast! Subscribe to us for some inspiration on what to eat, and we're here to make sure you have the options to Flavour Your Daily Life!